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Leaflet printing

A well designed and printed leaflet will reflect what you think about your company and the professionalism in your brand. Leafleting is a popular marketing method for small businesses and with good reason. Door drop leafleting is simple, affordable and can offer a good return when done correctly. Door drop leaflets are certainly the best option for SME’s wanting to a targeting a smaller local audience where as leaflet distribution or newspaper and magazine inserts might offer a better solution to attract a larger audience.

British Marketing Survey data shows that on average door drop leaflets gave just under a 7% response in October, November & December 2010. That is a better conversion rate than TV and email doesn’t come anywhere near.

If your choosing to market your business through any avenue it is important to measure your return and we can help or offer advice on the best ways to do this, even through something as simple as leafleting.

Leaflets can be in a 2pp form (2pp means 2 printed pages to a 2pp is a flat leaflet printed on both sides / pages) o any combination of pages without the need to be bound by staples of glue. As long as it can be folded back out to a flat sheet it is a leaflet. The most common leaflet we are asked to produce is a DL 6pp roll fold. DL is actually and envelope size but in leaflet terms it means 210 x 100mm. 6pp means it has three panels printed to both sides and roll fold means it folds in from one side and then the other, in effect like rolling it and flattening it out. The panel that folds inside is a little shorter so it does not catch in the centre.

More specialist leaflet folding included gate folded leaflets or double gate folded leaflets where the folds roll in from both sides and meet in the middle.

Flyer printing

Flyer printing is usually used for promoting nightclubs and bars but can be used for any business. Where as leaflets are usually printed on thinner paper such as 130gsm, 150gsm and 170gsm, flyers are printed on thicker card like materials, the norm being 250-350gsm. Flyer printing is not dissimilar to leaflet printing so what is real the difference in the product? Well not a lot really except perhaps, whether you have to pay VAT or not. You see HMRC classifies promotional flyers as zero rated items but flyers are usually VAT applicable. Why? Good question. Leaflets being printed on thinner materials and are meant to be discarded shortly after sight or use where as flyers are usually produced on a thicker card material and as such HMRC regards these as being produced with a longer life. Basically if it is meant to be kept by the recipient then they deem it VAT applicable. VAT in printing can be a bit of a mine field but we’ll be talking in further detail about this on our print blog.

Whilst leaflets are often folded down to their finished size, flyers are usually flat and unfolded but come in a broad range of shapes and sizes. Circle flyer and bespoke shape flyers will have been die cut to shape and lamination and spot UV coatings are other common enhancements used to make your flyer stand out above the competitions marketing materials.

Cheapest leaflet and flyer printing in the UK!!

Ohhh if we got a pound for every printer I saw put that on their brochure or website we wouldn’t need to work again! Whilst we don’t profess to be the cheapest at producing commodity leaflets and flyers we do promise to put forward the a fantastic rate for a quality product. I’ve lost count of the times a customer has come to us after having their leaflets printed by because they were not happy with the result.

Producing leaflet runs of as little as 1000 to national door drops in their millions is common practice to us for a mixture of end users, marketing agencies, leaflet distribution and door drop companies to large household names.

Talk to us about your leaflet or flyer printing idea’s

We’d love to hear about your leaflet marketing idea’s, prepare you a quotation or perhaps even advise you on how we have helped other customers in the past. There’s no pushy salesmen at our office, it’s just not how we work so please, pick up the phone or send us an email.

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