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Large Format Litho Printing

The one stop printing shop is a myth and that’s where we come in. Our role as a print management company means we have no plant or capacity to fill. We purchase the best quality and service at trade prices, passing huge savings on to our clients. Every job is bench marked against several reputable suppliers with the most appropriate plant for that particular job.

grgprint started producing large format printing on our size 5 Mitsubishi press which saw us become one of the UKs premier suppliers for A0 posters. It wasn’t long before we traded in plotters for a large format flatbed printer too to compliment the VLF printing press and the flatbed also introduced us to new products and markets.

Today all our large litho work is produced on the KBA 162 and KBA 205 presses which allow much larger sheets than our old A0 press. Whilst we were dominating the A0 poster market and multipage work on our SRA0 sheet size we were previously missing out on some of the 60×40″ posters, 4 sheet poster print and 6 sheet poster work. Utilising these larger presses enables us to compete on even more projects including map printing, Point of display, Point of sale items for use in retail stores, packaging print and bespoke printed designs too large for production on B1 presses. Over the years we have been asked to produce some pretty amazing items from an A1 brochure (spread size A0), to long paper tape measures which we later folded down to pocket size.

Large Format Folding

Another aspect which sets us ahead of other large format litho print suppliers is our unique experience with large format folding. Whilst many other large format printers are accustomed to producing POS, FSDU’s and packaging work we have been producing intricate and specialist folding leaflets, mailers and brochures for many years. Large format map printing is another product that we excel at producing.

Large Format Digital Printing

When grgprint started offering the large format litho service to customers around the UK, we found we were getting more and more requests for large format digital prints. Usually this meant that the quantities required were too low for litho production and other times we were called upon to print onto rigid materials such as Foam board / foamex, di-bond, perspex and even to print directly onto wooden and metal panels. This was a whole new ball game all those years ago, but we went through a steep learning curve and began selling digital A0 posters, banners, signage, printed cladding and much more. We’re glad our customers asked us to look at this side of the business and we’re sure they’re happy too as they come back time and time again.

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