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Label Printing

The production process in any industry comes to an end with Label Printing, more often than not. And surprisingly enough, from this point, it becomes the first thing that is referred to at every step as a product begins its journey in the world of retailing and business. Anybody interested in a product interacts with the label first, to understand the specifications and details that it holds.

It is true that all products come with labels. But do all of them look and feel good enough? No, definitely not. Herein lies the importance of quality label printing. Whether its food labels, fabric labels, barcode labels or pharmaceutical labels – labels are definitely important for a product for being perceived, identified and trusted. Hence, no company can afford to be careless in this arena. The quality of print is what sets one label apart from the other and if good results are awaited, working with expert print brokers rather than standard label printers is what is recommended by the professionals. When you are affixing your product with a label, it needs to be accurate in terms of-

  • Product Shape/Size
  • Product environment and behavior
  • Graphic design contained in the label in terms of color, font and style
  • Necessary information
  • Label material
  • Extent of print run
  • Label printing methodology
  • Production/Application process
  • Budget

Simple as it may sound, Label printing is a forte of specialised printers and generic companies who try to offer this service, can never come upto the levels of technicality and knowledge that an expert print broker company holds. And it is really unfair to expect this kind of expertise from a businessman who intends to find the best label for his products and items. In fact, this makes it all the more necessary for a business looking for the same to collaborate with a label printing company who can offer the best in terms of quality, print, technical details, industry advice, pricing and of course, results.

For the information of businessmen who are looking for label printing service, high quality labels can be churned out through not one, but many technologies. However, whichever technique is adopted for the purpose, the ultimate concern that must always be fulfilled is that – the label must look right, feel right and be exactly made to order in terms of specifications and details.

The most popular technology that is preferred over other options in the label printing industry in the recent days is Digital Printing, for shorter runs at least. It is a far cry from the traditional mechanical flexographic printing, conventionally used in the printing presses that entailed a procedure which was elaborate, complicated and expensive. Used extensively for Label rolls, flat sheet labels, fabric/food/barcode/pharmaceutical labels, Multi page labeling, Piggyback Labels and Booklet labels, this mode of printing is much faster, simpler and produces results which are superior and advanced at the end.

Digital label printing machines are capable of printing varied label sizes, having resolution capacities of upto 230 line screens in different color processing modes and involve the use of zero plates. The finishing effect given to digital printing results come from die-cutters which laminate, die-cut, strip and roll the labels in top speed, thus churning out tags which are quick but perfect. What’s more, digital printing methodology only uses superior quality dyes and inks throughout the printing procedure.

Advantages of Digital Label printing

Labels are undeniably important for any product related venture and it is usually the primary thing that a customer refers to right at the onset. As a businessman therefore you need to ensure that your product labels are attractive, unique and special enough to induce the customer to spend his money for purchasing it. Digital label printing technology can yield the best result in this field since it does not only minimize the volume of time and cost for production of labels but also generates results which score high on quality and appeal. Your product labels form your product identity and hence you must choose the best printer company for it.

Any business looking for high quality label printing results can contact GR Print for Label rolls, flat sheet labels, fabric labels, food labels, barcode labels, pharmaceutical labels, multi page labeling, piggyback labels or Booklet labels. To get price quotes or take a peek at our free samples, get in touch with us right now and we will ensure that the process is hastened up for you. We are ready to recommend the best of labels to suit your budget and requirement and you can expect to get nothing but the best when you partner with us. However if you are having any particular specification in mind, do share it with us – we can give your dream labels the best shape in the industry. With years of experience in the printing industry, we can assure you of results that are superior, high-quality and competitively priced.

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