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Direct Mail – Don’t leave your marketing to chance

Direct Mail is far more effective than simple door drops – FACT! But only if the campaign is approached in the correct manner from the beginning. If a proper strategy is not outlined from the beginning budgets will soon be diminished. The key to direct mail is targeting which boils down to the quality of the data and of course testing. For large campaigns the only way to get the best from your budget is to test smaller data groups in the first instance. See which offers, wording and even design generates the highest response.

The effectiveness of Direct Mail can outperform all other forms of media to generate sales or leads if it is set up correctly. The higher the value of the product can also determine the level of interaction with the client as the campaign doesn’t have to stop with Direct Mail. Should your project require grgprint can advise on a full Direct marketing campaign to be used in conjunction with email, the internet, text message marketing and more recently through the use of QR code printing. A good knowledge of the postal system is necessary too as there are many means to reducing postal costs with Mailsort and Walksort. Distribution can be one of the major costs in direct mail requiring specialist knowledge, particularly if a promotion is time or security sensitive.

There are many different ways to print a direct mail piece. The simplest and usually the one the requires the least investment is the good old fashioned postcard, personalised with a name and address. Dependent on quantities and version splits (Based on customer data groups) these may be produced entirely on a digital press or litho pre printed them over printed on either a Black and white laser or Inkjet machine. It is often a good idea to try and avoid the use of envelopes in a direct mail campaign for a few of reasons:

  • (a)The cost of the envelopes and additional inserting costs.
  • (b)The envelope is often redundant space, certainly on the inside if not on the outside.
  • (c)You have limited time in which to captivate your audience’s attention. If this is missed before they have even removed your piece from its envelope it could be discarded before they have seen what great offer you had for them.

These don’t always apply and there are great way of marketing with envelopes too but some of the most powerful campaigns are with the use of One Piece mailers. One piece mailers are self contained marketing material that fold up in any number of clever folding patterns and finish blue gluing the last flap to keep it together and closed whilst in the postal system. One piece mailers may even contain items such as CD’s, DVD’s, membership cards and other cleverly incorporated promotional items.


Transactional promotional print, or transpromo for short is a way of extending the value and return for a document that is already being sent to a customer. This is done by placing adverts for other products or service offerings in the white space on invoices, bills, statements, even delivery notes. If you are sending any document your clients or customers they are more likely to read that than perhaps a piece of marketing material. Now whilst they are reading it them aim is to catch their attention with an offer or another service they might benefit from. For example at home your gas supplier sends you a bill for the quarter at £150 and on the right hand side an advert jumps out that says “Save 10% on your gas bill”. You read on and find it’s an offer for dual fuel – if you sign up to have your electricity supplied by them then they will give a 10% discount on your as supply. This can work for many business in a number of different way. Another idea for a product based business would be “10% of your next order if placed within 7 days of this invoice”.

Because you are already producing, personalising and sending this transactional document anyway, the costs to include this offer are minimal. One of the best ways to gain more work is to sell to your existing customer base. They already know and trust you the upsell is less difficult than trying to gain the confidence of a new potential customer.

For advice on how Transpromo print could work well for your business why not give us a call on 0113 383 3888 and speak to one of the team.

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