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High Quality Printing & Sustainable Processes

When building our supplier network, which is an ongoing process, we categorise our suppliers by many factors which are:

  • Plant size
  • Capacity
  • Capabilities
  • Reliability
  • Quality processes and accreditations (such as ISO 9001)
  • Environmental policies and accreditations (such as ISO 14001, FSC and PEFC)
  • Security accreditations (ISO 27001)

Suppliers that don’t consistently meet with our high expectations are quickly removed from our approved supplier database. When we take on a job our reputation is on the line and we simply won’t accept substandard quality or service.

Quality Assurance

In the interest of everyone, you the client, ourselves and our suppliers, we have certain procedures in place to ensure mistakes or problems are avoided wherever possible. In print files are created by a number of different programs and software packages not to mention by designers of very different skill levels and experience. For that reason we insist upon sending you ripped proof for your approval prior to proceeding with your print. This can be in the form of a hard copy printed mockup, printed sheets or simply a ripped pdf proof. In the case of hard copy proofs we can often have these produced colour calibrated so that they are a close match to what will be produced on press.

What does “Ripped” proof mean?

Prior to printing your files most print processes require your files to be interpreted by a “Rip”. This “Rip” then converts the file to a format required for printing and there are different format for different printing processes. We can then re-output the file as a pdf that shows exactly what the job will look like on press. 99% of the time this will look exactly the same as it was supplied but in some cases if a file was corrupt of had some strange settings applied at the design stage things can alter. The purpose of the proof is a final check to determine that nothing like this has happened to your job.

So you have approved your proof, what next?

Sit back, relax and wait for us to deliver your perfect print project. We guarantee that the quality of your print project will meet, if not exceed our high commercial standards. In the rare instance that there is a problem and your project be deemed to be commercially unacceptable we will either reprint your job or refund your money, it’s as simple as that. grgprint Management’s business has been built around repeat business from loyal customers and word of mouth because we deliver on our promise.

Environmental printing

90% of our print suppliers are FSC certified or PEFC certified and most hold both accreditations. The majority of paper sold in the UK now if either FSC or PEFC certified but if you would like to have the relevant logo printed on your brochure we will need to ensure we use a supplier with the correct CoC (Chain of Custody).

An alternative eco friendly option to using FSC & PEFC sheets is the use of Recycled materials. Recycled paper is available as part recycled and 100% recycled. As with FSC and PEFC sheets there are a multitude of options that will affect the look and feel of your job so please speak to us to establish the exact specification.

As well as paper there are many other considerations for “green printing” such as the use of biodegradable laminates, vegetable based inks, reduced alcohol damping on printing presses. Please talk to us to find out how we can minimize the impact of your print project on the environment.

grgprint Management are focused on our own sustainability and encourage customers to do the same. The effort we make in our daily lives today could make a big difference to our lives in the future and the lives of our children and children’s children in years to come.

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