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Quality, Service and Price.

Although there are other things to consider in your buying process, these are the three fundamental factors in any purchasing decision. Quality, Service and price are the corner stones our business has been built around. We have found that by delivering high quality products and great customer service the only remaining factor in a buying decision is price. We offer quotations and consultations on any print project for FREE which leaves no reason for our customers not to return time after time.

Why use a print broker?

There are many reasons using a print broker is beneficial rather than trying to find a suitable printer directly. As a Print broker We not only give you access to print trade discounts but offer advice on the best ways to produce your project and assist in avoiding design pitfalls that often cost the less experienced buyer. A good print management company will work with printers all over the UK and and even abroad that need to meet their production demands, thus pricing accordingly to their production cycles.  Prices from these printers to end users and buyers with less annual print spend is often much higher.

As a print broker Independence is one of our key strengths as it means we have no plant or capacity to fill which in turn means no limitations. We have the capabilities of a huge supplier network at our disposal, our expertise in choosing the correct print supplier and access to substantial trade discount prices.

From your perspective as our client

It’s like having the largest print factory in the world bolted on to your business – without the cost or hassle. We, as your print broker, will look and act just like the regular print salesperson you maybe accustomed to, but there is one major difference… we work for you, not for the printing company.

So why not use another print broker?

As in any industry, there are walkers and there are talkers. We have walked the walk by working on the front line (so to speak) in the print trade. Both directors of the company have worked from the ground up – in print finishing, reprographics, print estimating and print production. This broad experience and steep learning curves have been fundamental to the focus of the business. ” Our expertise is based upon years of hands on experience. “ Many other printing brokers simply don’t appreciate the pitfalls, as they have not had the benefit of working from the ground up. In fact we have seen many larger agencies employ office admin staff to take care of procurement who have little or no knowledge of producing print at all. grgprint have been supplying printing services to our clients for over 20 years, we have a good customer retention rate and not without good reason – We deliver what we promise!

What’s the catch?

No catch, no hidden costs. Because we award large volumes of business to our suppliers they can afford to offer us large trade discounts in return. Savings we can in turn pass on to our clients.

The Proof is in the Pudding as we say in Yorkshire

Ask for an estimate or speak with one of the team today. Our business thrives on repeat custom, not one off projects. We’re confident once you have experienced our printing service you’ll become a customer for life.

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