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Promotional merchandise – printed mugs, pens, USB sticks, clothing and more

The importance of printed promotional items in the world of corporate business cannot be underestimated in any respect. Any smart businessman of today knows this. Distributing promotional products has always been a sure shot method of customer repletion and preservation, almost inevitably resulting in high business yields at the end. And why not? Who does not love to receive free gifts? Everybody does. And if you can utilize this concept rightly to advertise your business, be ready to build up a long base of satisfied customers who remain loyal to you for a long time. Promotional print captions embedded in promotional items can impress your clientele beyond limits and this is a proven fact in the corporate world. Regular presentation of promo items, directed towards company clients can produce results which marketing experts not only recommend but also appreciate highly. And in fact, this IS a confirmed way of branding your business with name and fame.

The bottom line of producing promo items for your company is simple – you must always choose a print company for the job of promotional print that holds the best expertise, is reputable, experienced and cost-effective. Good print brokers who are experienced in the promotional print market have their business wings spread all over the globe and offer several varieties of promotional products for their clients, at rates which are truly competitive in nature.

Choosing the best promotional print items

Promo print products are a rage in the corporate world of today and hence there are a variety of items available in the market today for campaigning a business and its message. Items can range from promo mugs, promo pens, promo clothing, printed pens, bags, umbrellas, table banners, key chains to lanyards, photo frames and promo USB sticks. But what to choose? The thumb rule is to select qualitative promotional items which your clients would use and which would readily remind them of your brand, every time they take it out for use. Keeping it simple, useful and functional is the key to successful promo item capitalization. Hence, settle for something which your consumers are likely to appreciate.

Some of the proven items in this range that have always scored on popularity are promotional pens, promotional clothing, stick note pads, insulated promotional mugs and paperweights – items that serve the purpose of day-to-day use and at the same time promote a company logo/message in the most productive way.

Technology used for promotional merchandise

Digital printing technology is mainly used for embedding promotional prints and logos of companies in various promotional items. For instance digital clothing printer when used to print captions, messages and logos for t-shirt printing, lanyard printing and bag printing generates results which are vibrant, permanent and professional. Digital methods of printing are till date the most reliable and successful method of producing favorable promo prints results on a variety of items.

Some other equipment and methodologies used for the printing and producing promotional merchandise-

Hot Foil Printing

This involves a dry, ink-free printing method which transfers print on flat surfaces like paper, wood plastic or leather.

Pad printing

This is a very popular and versatile method of transferring print on a variety of items like ceramic, metal, glass or wood of various shapes/sizes. A good option for mug printing.

Screen printing

One of the most conventional methods of printing, this method is however still very popular for transferring personalized prints on t-shirts and clothing.

Heat transfer

Some consider this method to be the best when transferring full color prints to a limited number of objects. The procedure uses zero ink and is extremely flexible for producing prints in vibrant colors and motifs.

While these are some of the conventional methods that are still being used for special purposes, modern printing requirements rely mostly on the digital printing technology. The procedure is much quicker, faster, does not involve the use of plates and hence is much more flexible and cost effective in the long run. In this process, electronic files are used to formulate prints with the latest technology. In other words, the print is directly transferred from a computer to an item, thus shunning the intermediary steps of negative printing, color plates or proofs.

Any business looking for quick and fast marketing results therefore, must consider the use of promotional items as corporate gifts. Experts admit that they are a great way of establishing business loyalty as well as advertising and branding a business at one single shot.

grgprint Management is happy to announce the most competitive rates in manufacturing and distributing promo items that suit your budget and requirement. Our staff can offer excellent ideas your business with messages in unique taste and style. If you have any special specification in mind, please share it with us – we can give that the best consideration too! We work with established pre-qualified promotional manufacturers and suppliers to generate brilliant and vibrant results. Contact us now to discuss your ideas for printed promotional items. We can offer advice and free estimates for any promotional campaign.

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