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POS printing and packaging print

Both point of sale printing and packaging print are similar in their diversity as they are produced on a broad mix of different materials. From paper posters to mounted paper sheets on flute carton board, Dibond (Aluminium composite) to foamex and PVC. Vinyl window and vinyl floor graphics, etc, etc.

POS printing

POs printing is sued to entice people into buying merchandise they did not necessarily intend to shop for. POS stands for “Point Of Sale” and is called that due to being cleverly positioned at points close to the checkout in a retails store. As with all kinds of marketing and advertising a high quality point of sale promotion needs to be well thought out, designed and produced. Sub standard design or print quality will dent a potential customers confidence in the brand and abilities of the advertiser. Walk around any major retail store and you will find plenty of examples of good POS printing.

From Simpler print of sale printing such as window posters, Sale banners, to carefully designed desktop or standing displays.

POS print campaigns and ideas are often very bespoke as companies try to catch the eye of the shopper and stand out above the competing POS displays, even more so than brochures and other marketing materials. After the initial planning, design and production comes the logistics of packing, collating with other elements and distributing the items to the retail destinations. This can be a logistical nightmare and the help of an experienced POS producer can be invaluable as logistical costs can easily soar above the initial cost of production.

Window graphics and floor graphics

Window graphics and floor graphics are usually produced using tough, scuff resistant adhesive vinyl. When applied to flooring it can be done as a flat image or with the help of a clever designer adding some perspective it can be made to look like a 3D floor decal. The Dog flee advert below was not our project but was a very clever example of what can be achieved with a good imagination. The people walking around on the dog look like flees on the dog. Window decals can be supplied as solid pictures or produced on a mesh. When produced on a mesh light can still pass through easily to the inside of the building and people inside the building can easily see out as if the window were just tinted but people n the outside just see the graphic. Very much like one way looking glass.

Packaging print

Packaging print is another very broad industry category. You only have to spend a minute thinking of the different types of packaging you see each and every day. Tins and packs of food with wrap around labels or cardboard sleeves, Foil & plastic packets for snacks such as crisps, sweets & nuts and carton packaging for anything and everything in any retail store. Small boxes made from card or huge box containers for bicycles or other large children’s toys. Each item you open daily has had a great deal of thought and efforts gone into the packaging that houses the product. From the engineering of the box, to the print that caught your eye on the shelf and enticed you to buy it in the first place.

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