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Design for print

Making sure you have a good quality design is like laying the foundation for your project. If it is not done correctly then it is impossible for the end result of your print to look as fantastic as you would like.

Rubbish in, rubbish out..

It makes sense really. You wouldn’t give a Chef stewing beef and expect it to come back like tenderloin fillet. There seem to be more inexperienced designers than ever these days that don’t truly understand the print process and often fall foul to the pitfalls that could be avoided by an expert or good design agency. Because we work with the designers to produce the artwork we can ensure that it meets our high quality standards and will look as intended when it gets to the printing press.

We have in house art workers and a network of freelance design partners whom we call upon to help your design a marketing campaign worthy of a large corporate firm, or brand your company stationary to reflect the professionalism it deserves.

If your already working with a designer that your happy with then please still speak to us about your project. We’re happy to assist and work with your designers to avoid any problems that could occur further down the line.

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