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Bespoke printing – something outside of the norm

What do we mean by bespoke printing? After all are all print project not unique and therefore bespoke? Well of course but what we are referring to here are non standard items, something very different to what is usually produce for a companies marketing material or printed packaging.

In a business, like in life, doing things differently more often grabs you attention, if not recognition. Thus, it is not surprising that everyone is trying to be unique and different in everything they do. This becomes a paramount consideration should you be working your way to the top of your field, and are starting to build a reputation for yourself. While nothing can help you do this more than the quality and content of the work you deliver or produce, there are nonetheless some otherwise small things that could go a long way in making, meeting you and knowing you, a memorable experience for your colleagues and clients, alike.

One small way of gaining such recognition is having unique stationary, business cards and marketing material. While many consider them an unnecessary expenditure, they are in fact far from that. This is because small as your stationary may be in the larger scale of things, it is something that says a lot about you, and hence is as important as perhaps your daily grooming. Just like your clean and neat dressing sense speaks volumes about the kind of person you are, so does your personal stationary.

Another reason why you should pay closer attention to designing your personal stationary, and choose bespoke printing, is because it is your stationary and your business cards that are circulated, passed and referred to. Hence, you won’t be surprised to know that to a certain extent they are actually responsible for pulling in business, and a small thing such as a memorable and well-designed business card alone, can play a large part in winning you that next project or contract.

Thus, if you are looking to make a mark in your field, you can always start small by ensuring your personal stationary such as envelopes, business cards, letterheads, brochures and everything else you frequently use, reflects your personal style and panache, if nothing else. Now, when it comes to this kind of printing you need to go beyond your office printer, and look for people who are good at specialist printing, as only such printers are good at designing and delivering the kind of bespoke printing you are looking for. Also the printer who is most suited to produce your brochure will most probably not be the most suited to print your envelopes and your brochure printer are probably not the best company to print your business cards.

While you can always go a local printer and he can oblige you by printing your stationary, but the thing with such printers is that they are not looking at producing or printing anything unique or stand-alone. Thus, it is very possible that whatever they print, apart from you, ten if not more people will probably have the same stationary.

So, to think, create and print out of the box, you need the help of someone who is good at bespoke printing. This kind of printing is ideal for you for the simple reason that you don’t want your cards and stationary to be similar to anyone else’s, thus the need for such custom printing, where printing is done wholly and solely as per your guidance, inputs, demands and requirements.

Now it is not easy to come by bespoke printers for the simple reason that this kind of specialist printing is considered a headache by many in the field, and they prefer to simply make copies and produce what has already been produced a thousand times before. Thus, to get in touch with such a bespoke printer, it is a good idea to get in touch with a print broker first. For those who haven’t heard of a print broker yet, he is somebody who is known for his hands on experience and expertise in the field of printing.

Print brokers such as grgprint Management do two things essentially, which make them a must visit should you be considering bespoke printing. Firstly, as a client you can share and ask advice from these brokers about your need for unique and personalised stationary. Second, once your broker and you lock down the specifications of the job to be done, the printer then taps into his exhaustive network of pre-qualified print suppliers. Now all these print suppliers have different and unique niches, skills and capacities to print. The broker will then float your custom printing needs to at least three of his print suppliers and based on the quotes he gets from them, he will present them back to you, possibly with numerous options for you to make the final decision.

And while the print broker does get a cut (well nobody works for nothing), it is a well-deserved one, as he also ensures all your demands are met by finding you the right person for the job, something that might have taken you ages otherwise. It is also likely that due to the trade discounts we recieve as a broker we can still provide the print at a lesser price than you might have paid going directly to your local printing supplier. Thus, hiring a print broker, especially for bespoke printing is simply the best way to go about it, as in the absence of someone reliable, knowledgeable and responsible to guide you, irrespective of what you may need, your stationary will end up just another copy cat brochure, letterhead or other print item

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