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Why you should choose litho printing?

Printing is an industry fraught with questions and options. What kind of printing will give the best results for your project? Well that’s a good question, and the reason our clients come back to us time and time again. Litho printing (or lithographic offset printing) is one of the highest quality printing processes but usually suited to printing certain quantities. If the quantity is too low then it might benefit from digital printing. If it is a very long run length then it may be better suited to web printing. There are different size litho printing presses mostly ranging from B3 printing (a bit larger than A3) to B1 printing. grgprint also specialise in supplying large format litho printing which, although the same process, is a more specialised sector of the industry.

Have you been supplied printed brochures, business cards or other print in the past and were not happy with the print quality? This may have been because it was print

So back the original question – Why should you choose lithographic printing?

  • Great quality print
  • Fast turnaround times
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