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In fact a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

The printing industry is a minefield of processes, jargon & technology, where service and quality are crucial as almost every job is by it’s nature is bespoke.

The one stop printing shop is a myth and that’s where we come in. Our role as a print management company means we have no plant or capacity to fill. We purchase the best quality and service at trade prices, passing huge savings on to our clients. Every job is bench marked against several reputable suppliers with the most appropriate plant for that particular job.

How much is sourcing your own print costing your business?

When you purchasing any product or service the more knowledgeable you are on the subject, the more likely you are to get what best suits your requirements at the right price. Also the more you spend with a supplier the higher the discount you are likely to receive. Having grgprint Management on your team is almost the same as having an internal print procurement department at your disposal, without the overheads. You’ll receive the same discounts on your print services as large corporates spending hundreds of thousands of pounds, even though your spend could be as low as £5k per year. With that in mind, can you afford not to use the services of a print buying professional?

How are we different from other print management companies or print brokers?

We pride ourselves on our extensive “Hands on” industry experience. To quote a cliché – “We’ve been there, done it and got the t-shirt” several times over. Many other print managers & print brokers simply don’t come from the same background, which is a little odd if you think about it.


Our experience in the printing services industry covers many sectors. From digital laser for short run & direct mail to Litho VLF, B1, B2, B3 & Web offset printing. It’s a bold statement to make, but we truly are the Print Experts.

Ask us for a quote or give us a call for a chat. We love to talk about print and there is not a pushy salesman in sight at our office, it’s just not how we work.

Still not convinced – see the “Why Choose us” page or “Testimonials” to see what our clients say

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